Scottsdale Arizona dog trainer

Are you worried that you have to euthanize your dog or give it up for adoption because it has become very aggressive? Are you always wondering where you went wrong with your pet and if there is a way to change anything? Well, if your dog has attacked your neighbors and strangers, you need to take the necessary action. Before you make a call to the vet or give it up for adoption, I can help you make the animal less aggressive.

Find Your Inner Dog Training Scottsdale -What Do You Need To Know?

Just like I did with my beautiful dog, Petunia, I can teach you the same things to make sure that your pet becomes responsible. Indeed, giving up for your pet or putting it down are extreme measures that you don’t want to do. Therefore, the third solution is finding ways to train it. That’s why I run the Find Your Inner Dog Training business. I have assisted numerous pet owners to learn how to teach their dogs on their own and transform their lives. So, if you are having problems training your pet to obey your orders, here are some useful training tips you should consider.

How To Make Your Dog More Obedient?

1. Enough Time For Training 

You need to give your pet enough time to train. For instance, every day you can set aside at least 20 minutes for formal training. Remember, if you have a puppy, they lose their attention very fast just like a small child. Of course, most of the instruction happens every time you are interacting with your pet. Besides the dedicated training sessions, you need to make sure that your dog is following the set rules. Don’t reward any lousy behavior just because it’s done outside of the 20 minutes dedicated to training every day.

2. Prepare Yourself For The Training As Well
When you are taking your dog through the training sessions, you need to be mentally prepared for it too. You need to practice being calm and neutral at all times. If there is any excitement or agitation on your part, it might affect the outcome of your dog’s training. You need to reinforce the objective of exercise which is to reward good behavior and stop bad behavior. Therefore, if you are neutral, your pet will be determined and motivated to learn the new code of discipline.

3. Use The Right Training Equipment
To start the teaching, you need a flat collar or a leash as well as the treats for rewarding good behavior. Avoid electric or shock collars because most people do not know how to use them correctly. Misusing the device can hurt the pet and could be considered animal abuse. Don’t use harsh training equipment on your puppies. If you teach your dog about using the leash or collar, the discipline will change immediately. You can always research online to find the best dog training equipment to use for your dog or ask a dog trainer for the best advice.

4. Consider Your Pet’s Mood
Different dogs have varying temperaments. Depending on the dog breed, you might face a few challenges training your dog at every turn while other breeds will work effortlessly with you to learn new tricks and discipline. Therefore, don’t use general training techniques for all the dogs. You need to find the ones that are best suited to your pet for the best results.

In conclusion, keeping a pet such as a dog is not an easy job. You need to make sure that it’s always straight and narrow. Therefore, if you want to make your dog disciplined just like I did to my Petunia, you can contact me at any time and learn more about dog training tricks and techniques. Check out our Facebook page – Find Your Inner Dog Training and our Google+ – Find Your Inner Dog Training Page.